A few good hikers

Two years ago I was packing and repacking before the PCT. One year ago I was sleeping outside a rose garden. Now I’m looking a buying a house and settling down. I’m also facing my first winter since September 2006. With that in mind I’ve sought out a few good hikers that will be on the PCT this year and hopefully keep me entertained as they thread their way to Canada. In no particular order they are:

Cindy and Andy are going the high-tech route with a SPOT device and the ability to email photos home while still on the trail.
At the other end of the tech spectrum is Bronze. He’s walking with a mule and only things that were available in the 1800s.
Meta walked last year under the trail name Joker. He found me on Facebook and I’m sure that he’s going to be a fun guy to follow. So full of love for this trail. I only worry about the crash at the end. Surely he can’t walk three years in a row.
Another hiker from last year is JellyBean. There are only 89 miles of trail she hasn’t walked but she’s starting again from the beginning to do it in one epic push. I’ll be interested to read any changes she’ll see since her 2002 hike.
And last but not least is
Jordan, a professional writer. I’m looking forward to reading his touch on a shared experience.