I haven’t forgotten my plan to walk to Canada, but other things have come up. last weekend was my sister’s wedding. A very nice affair it was too, out on Waiheke Island, gorgeous weather, lots of friends and family, everything went well. In the meantime I’ve continued to test the GPS Datalogger from OHararp LLC. The first run lasted 88 hours continuous logging every second. Now I’m trying to simulate the conditions I’ll be hiking under, that is recording while I’m walking in sunlight, but I can’t be outside all day so I’ve left it by my window and hope that will do. This weekend I’ll get back to hiking with a trip to Rangitoto so I’ll be getting some proper use out of the logger. I still haven’t sorted out my gear with only 5 weeks to go I need a stove, a pack and a windshirt and more, though some things can be bought in my week in San Diego.
I’ve also had a chance to play around with Google Maps.