26 Mile Day

   My fourth, and probably final, marathon was around Lake Rotorua. In just 3hrs 42mins I covered the 42.2km and didn’t feel too bad afterwards. In the build up to this I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the gym , thanks to a personal trainer provided by my employer. It was open to others, but no one took the oppourtunity. I didn’t keep up the running practice though, and my longest run was 12km on a tread mill a fortnight before the big day. I feel I could have done much better, perhaps even beaten 3:30 that was my original plan when I started training (I was on target for that for the first 30km), but I didn’t have the drive for it at the time. My mind has wandered off to a long distance hike across America. I’ll keep up some sort of general gym training, but I think I’ll drop out of running for now.